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Cutlass Jim Long was a slave, a pirate, a liberator, a captain, and now runs a legitimate shipping company that totally doesn't smuggle stolen goods for pirates in the golden age of piracy. Along with his good friend Mr. Crew, a mute black rhino, they've built a reputation as the most reliable and discreet shipping service in the Caribbean. Near the Wind is a historical fiction (but, you know, with animals) that follows their adventures through the murky waters of a period where good and bad is a matter of perspective.



Cutlass Jim Long

Jim was a captive on a slave ship before he was freed and offered a place in the crew of Captain  Henry Jennings. His skills with swords earned him the nickname Cutlass Jim, but it didn't take him long to realize the pirate life wasn't for him. After deciding to become a treasure hunter he soon found himself the victim of a mutiny by his crew because he insisted on freeing slaves on a nearby slave ship rather than chasing treasure. His crew left him on the slave ship and he led a rebellion to overtake the ship. There he met his soon to be best friend and partner, Mr. Crew.


Mr. Crew

Nobody knows Mr. Crew's real name because he can't tell them. His village was attacked by pirates and he was captured after suffering injuries to his throat. He was put on a slave ship but was rescued by Cutlass Jim. Jim gave him the name Mr. Crew since he was strong enough to do the work of an entire crew.

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