Artist Edition - Change Log: Version 1.0

Artist Edition - Change Log: Version 1.0


The Artist Edition features a signature by the author and a detailed original sketch inside the book!

This hilarious comic strip collection takes a satirical spin through today's technology while poking fun at all that goes into our modern plugged-in lives. Follow Sam and his tech savvy roommate Miles (who happens to be a talking dog) as they try to survive the worlds of tech journalism, software development, dog stereotypes and pop culture.

Fully Charged with  techie nuances, it's the perfect book to power down with at the end of the day.

Change Log: Version 1.0 is the prefect gift for:

  • People who pride themselves in their technical “toys”

  • The technologically capable

  • Those of us attached to our gadgets

  • The “always on” generation

  • Anyone scared of the concept of a technology black out

  • Dog lovers

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Change Log: Version 1.0
By Bradley Samuelson
Change Log: Version 1.0
By Bradley Samuelson, Brad Samuelson